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Help your customers get what they paid for.

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Prevent churn before it starts.

Keep every customer!

Empower your teams & your product to deliver the outcomes your customers expect when they first purchase your product. Renew and expand every customer by delighting them in ways you never thought possible.

About Headshot Example acme account health-1
About Headshot Example acme account health-1
Use case benchmarking

True Customer Health

Handraise models your historic customer behavior and product usage data from churned, renewed, and expanded customers to provide you with accurate customer health scores and use case benchmarking across all your customer use cases.

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CRM notifications & CS/AM playbooks

Automate Your Renewals

Empower your team to have successful onboardings and empower your customer to have true value realization. Onboarding success and value realization is now determined by successful product outcomes instead of your team checking off tasks.

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About Headshot Example phone acme
About Headshot Example phone acme
About Headshot Example acme full suite
About Headshot Example acme full suite
Real-Time Forecasting Augmented by AI

Renew & Expand All Your Customers

Understand the likelihood your customers will renew, at every stage of their journey, based on how much value they're receiving from your product.

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Our Proven Process


Use Cases

Handraise configures your customer use cases by accurately grouping the feature flows that comprise them.



Handraise uses regression analysis on your historical data from customers who have churned, renewed, and expanded to determine the relationship between product usage, at a value realization level, and churn, renewal, and expansion.



Handraise uses the modeled data to figure out what your company's benchmarks are for healthy product usage and use case achievement at every stage of the customer journey.


Real-Time Health Analysis

Based on your benchmarks and real-time customer behavior and product usage, Handraise determines whether or not your customers are getting what they paid for.


Renewal Automation

Handraise auto-notifies account owners in your CRM when accounts are unhealthy or trending toward being a critical account and then deploys the appropriate playbooks and in-app messaging to help drive the accounts to value realization.

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