We're industry veterans from TrendKite, Cision, & Meltwater building the future of PR technology

We've built the top public relations technology products in the world and now we're building the next evolution.

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We're on a mission to help PR professionals look like rock stars.


PR is often looked at as the "aw that's cute" part of the Marketing department. The team that historically has to deliver results in fuzzy metrics like Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) instead of delivering easy to understand impact to the bottom line. The team that is forced to scratch and claw for every. single. mention. to show a never ending increase in coverage every month, every quarter, every year.

PR underdogs, we hear you, we see you, and we are here to help you shine at your organization. We're building industry changing technology again to help you show your true value... and amplify it.


Our team has been in the trenches before, has helped build and start three of the world's top public relations technology companies, and has worked intimately with many of the world's best companies & communications teams.


We're backed by incredible investors and exited-Founders that have delivered enough value to be labeled true Unicorns. This time, we're going to deliver enough value to join them.


Our core values

We do what we say we will do

We know our customers count on us and we count on each other. We're only as good as our word.

Hire the best and set them free

We hire A players, lean on them for their expertise, and don't micromanage.

The best work of our lives

Life is short. We are all working at Handraise to do and deliver the best work of our lives.

No energy vampires & no assholes

We try to be positive and optimistic about the world we live in and follow the golden rule.

The best ideas always win

It doesn't matter who comes up with the best idea, if it's the right and best idea, it wins.

We're always learning

Handraise is a startup school for all experience levels - there's always more to learn.

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