The first Value Realization platform built for companies that want to grow fast and be best-in-class

Handraise exists to help you be the best you can be, for the long haul.

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We're on a mission to deliver shared success and long term value between buyers and sellers.


If you ask most Account Managers the health status of their accounts, if they're honest, they really have no clue for most of them. The reason is because rarely, if ever, does anyone ask the customer what their expectations are, how they're going to measure success, and there is no mechanism to determine if things are on track or not.

We provide shared success planning software that creates full transparency into what customers need with shared accountability to help make sure value expected is value delivered. 


Our team has been in the trenches before and has worked at and worked closely with some of the world's best companies (we've even built some of them ourselves). We know what it takes to successfully sell products & services and what it takes to retain customers. We're here to help you do the same.


We're backed by best-in-class investors and exited-Founders that have delivered enough value to be labeled true Unicorns.


Our core values

We do what we say we will do

We know our customers count on us and we count on each other. We're only as good as our word.

Hire the best and set them free

We hire A players, lean on them for their expertise, and don't micromanage.

The best work of our lives

Life is short. We are all working at Handraise to do and deliver the best work of our lives.

No energy vampires

We strive to be positive and optimistic about the world we live in.

The best ideas always win

It doesn't matter who comes up with the best idea, if it's the right and best idea, it wins.

No assholes

Again life is short. We follow the golden rule and treat others as we wish to be treated.

Handraise is #1 for Value Realization